Want to Tow with Your New RAM 1500? Get Some Helpful Tips from the Experts at O'Hara Motors

Many customers in the Cape Cod, MA region specifically choose a RAM 1500 when they buy a new truck because of its reputation for massive towing capacities. RAM trucks have definitely cultivated that impression over the years and have consistently provided drivers with pickups that test the boundaries of what a light-duty truck can do when it comes to towing. With the recent redesign, the RAM 1500, and its available 5.7-liter HEMI® engine with eTorque technology, has increased its towing capacity again. Now that you've bought or leased this towing behemoth, you are probably interested in towing safely and correctly. The experts at O'Hara Motors Inc, located at 50 Spring Bars Road in Falmouth, MA, can help you with that!

Loading Your Cargo

Lots of folks might think that they can just throw stuff into a trailer and latch on, but unfortunately, that is not the case. RAM recommends that you make sure that 60% of the weight of your cargo is in the front half of the trailer you are hauling. This will ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and keep everything centered. You might also want to try to put the heaviest stuff in the middle and surround it with lighter stuff. Drivers should also make sure that they strap their cargo in so it can't move. All of this will prevent swaying and will help you steer and slow down your vehicle much easier.

Backing Up with a Camper or a Boat

Backing up with a camper or a boat can be one of the more stressful things for Falmouth, MA drivers. It can be a confusing experience when you first start, but RAM has some recommendations for drivers. They suggest that you start the backing-up process with your hand at the bottom of the steering wheel. Whether you want to go left or right, you'll need to turn your hand in that direction. Don't try to complete the turn all at once since smaller movements will lead to better results. If you find your pickup jackknifing or not lined up correctly, just straighten the truck back out, make your adjustments, and try again.

Learn More

Towing is one of the RAM 1500's biggest strengths. If you have any other questions regarding towing, please contact your sales consultant at O'Hara Motors Inc, in Falmouth, MA, so they can assist and provide you with what you need for successful towing.

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