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How Much is an Oil Change?

Oil Change


How much does it cost for an oil change in the Sandwich area? Our certified technicians can help you with all of your maintenance and service needs at O'Hara Motors. Typically the cost of an oil change can depend on several factors like the vehicle you choose, the oil type required, and many other factors. Most oil changes range from costing 25 to 50 dollars, but this can depend on multiple considerations. Schedule an appointment with our service technicians today, or explore our car service tips to learn more about how long an oil change takes and much more.



How Much Does it Cost for an Oil Change?

What you are expected to pay for motor oil for your vehicle vary based on a variety of factors such as:

  • If you opt for full synthetic oil, you may need to pay more than with a regular type of oil. Typically this can cost between $45 and $70 dollars. Vehicles that use synthetic oil can last longer and will enhance your engine performance. Make sure to consult the owner’s manual to learn more about what the manufacturer recommends.
  • If you would like to opt for something more affordable while still getting a high performance, then you can choose a blended oil.
  • Our service center will typically charge more for the cost of labor and for the type of engine oil, so when you visit us at O'Hara Motors this can be a good time to see if there is anything wrong with your vehicle.
  • If you have a new vehicle, you may be eligible for warranty which can include complimentary routine maintenance on oil changes for a certain amount of months and miles.

An oil change is the chance to get several other elements checked such as your drain plug or your air filter that is more reliable that a local shop such as a Jiffy Lube.

Visit O'Hara Motors For Service Today

If you would like to opt for high mileage oils or conventional oils, or if you are concerned with the amount of oil you need, be sure to visit us at O'Hara Motors. We hope to get you on Bourne roads in no time.


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