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Our new & used car shoppers often ask us, “How do I sell my car in Falmouth?” While there are certainly many ways to get your question, “How do I sell my car?” answered, perhaps the easiest way is to trade in your car at a dealership like O’Hara Motors near Sandwich. Ready to do just that? Our car trade-in value calculator streamlines the entire process! So, when it comes time for you to get a used car trade-in value in or around Cape Cod, MA, we here at O’Hara Motors have you covered! Whether you come from the Cape or the Islands or anywhere nearby, when you make use of our trade-in calculator, you’ll make it super easy to get your estimated car trade-in value quickly and accurately! Read on to learn more, or just contact us.

More About Our Used Car Value Calculator

When it comes to valuing your trade-in vehicle, it’s important to know what a fair valuation is. Other dealerships may undervalue your used car trade-in value, but that’s not something we’ll stand for here at O’Hara Motors. We want to make sure you get exactly what your car is worth and to do so, we use fair market-driven Black Book values. When you choose to make use of our trade-in value calculator, there’s no commitment for filling out your car’s information or actually trading your vehicle in. As such, you can get your car’s value quickly and easily, without having to worry about any additional obligations like haggling with private buyers. If you’re looking to value your vehicle on Cape Cod, MA it’s hard to beat our easy-to-use trade-in calculator!

Trade-in FAQs

Q: Is it possible to trade in a financed vehicle?

A: Yes, you can trade in a financed vehicle, where the dealer will consolidate your loan and work it into the new loan agreement.

Q: When can you trade in a financed car?

A: You can technically trade your vehicle any time, but we recommend that you wait until you have positive equity on your current loan amount.

Q: What exactly does “being upside-down” on a car loan mean?

A: This refers to the fact that you have negative equity on your current loan amount. If you owe $40,000 on a $35,000 vehicle, that would make you upside down on your loan.

Q: Can I trade in my car for a cheaper car?

A: You can certainly trade in your car for a cheaper one. For example, you owe $30,000 on your loan and the vehicle is worth $40,000, that would means you can put the $10,000 towards a new vehicle.

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Now that you know more about the answer to the question, “How do I sell my car in Falmouth?” and what’s involved when using our trade-in value calculator, it’s time to get your used car trade-in value! Then, browse our large inventory of both new vehicles and used vehicles. With the value you get out of your old vehicle, you may be able to buy a pricier vehicle than you think. Then, come visit us in person. One of our knowledgeable and friendly sales staff will be glad to help you find the perfect vehicle. Visit us today for more information on O’Hara trade cars.